In the world of entertainment, we focus on our careers…

but our relationships and spiritual lives often get overlooked. Navigating Hollywood hosts a podcast and courses that encourage entertainment professionals to take a holistic approach toward their lives by spending time focusing on what matters.

Life in the film and television industry can be challenging and draining, and the demands of working in entertainment can strain friendships, families, and emotional health. The Hollywood Reporter even published an article about why no one has any friends in Hollywood. It’s important that we don’t find ourselves sinking under this emotional toll on the Hollywood journey.

Navigating Hollywood gives entertainment professionals the opportunity to better their lives and strengthen their relationships, through the podcast and courses.

“Colleagues are a wonderful thing – but mentors, that’s where the real work gets done.” ― Junot Diaz


Navigating Hollywood encourages and equips entertainment professionals to live relationally and spiritually holistic lives.

Professionals who have years of experience in various sectors of entertainment, including writing, directing, producing, showrunning, acting, and below-the-line roles, help lead and participate in the podcast and courses. Hearing the experience of a colleague can make all the difference and equip you to navigate the unique challenges of working in entertainment with others who care.

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