Episode 25 – April 2024

Joseph Holland, author, playwright, and former Housing Commissioner of New York State, shares his life’s tapestry, embracing the arts and spreading joy through his plays while serving the Harlem community, which is showcased in the film “Harlem Grace.” As Holland recounts the various hues of his life, we’re reminded of the transformative power of faith and using one’s talents to ignite hope and change in the lives of others.

Journey with us as we navigate the nuances of Holistic Housing, an innovative model that Joe pioneered, giving not just a roof over heads but also nourishing the mind, spirit, and future employment opportunities of those he served. From the principles that underpinned his life skills curriculum to the global reach of his initiatives, including the founding of an institute in Liberia, Holland’s story is one of unwavering dedication. His transition into a political role, leveraging his extensive community and entrepreneurial experience, exemplifies a life of purpose. Be inspired as we trace Holland’s footsteps, a path where faith, creativity, and the desire to leave a lasting legacy beautifully converge.

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