Episode 24 – January 2024

Film Producer and Broadway Investor Rob Still man recounts the ambitious journey of translating the powerful play “Freud’s Last Session” into a movie, with Anthony Hopkins breathing life into Freud. His insight into the allure of challenging roles for A-list actors and the intimate process of film production shines a light on the artistry behind making a movie. Rob also reflects on his beginnings with “The God Committee,” tracing his path from off-Broadway to the heart of Hollywood.

In a world quick to dismiss different viewpoints, our conversation takes a turn towards the significance of maintaining meaningful dialogue and the value of faith and friendships beyond our differences. Rob shares his perspective on success, measured not in box office receipts but in the laughter and love of family—especially the bond with his children. Join us for an episode that doesn’t just entertain but also questions, connects, and celebrates the stories that make us human, all through the lens of a man who’s seen the best and brightest of what show business has to offer.

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