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Sheryl J. Anderson: Creator of Sweet Magnolias

Episode 4: April 2021

Sheryl J. Anderson, the Creator and Executive Producer of the Netflix show, Sweet Magnolias, talks about how she started as a storyteller, the way her life experience made her uniquely qualified to create this hit show, and how her faith has played a crucial role for her as an artist. She also talks about what’s important in her life and how she has been able to get where she is today. […]


Harry Yoon: Editor of Minari & Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Episode 3: March 2021

Harry reveals how Minari was created and some of the challenges they experienced in the making of this award-winning, Oscar-nominated movie. Harry talks about how he started as an editor, what it’s like working on an independent film versus a major studio film, and how he keeps himself inspired as an artist and sharpened as an editor. Surviving in Hollywood means that Harry […]

Daniel K. Hoh: Writer on ABC’s Station 19 & Deborah King

Episode 2: March 2021

Daniel K. Hoh, a writer from ABC’s Station 19 and his wife Deborah King talk about his career and the joys and challenges of being married in Hollywood. Dan and Deb first met at a rooftop restaurant in Santa Monica on a cool fall evening in 2010. She was a lawyer and he was an ER doctor. After getting married in 2013, Deb switched her career to corporate healthcare and made a job […]

Sarah Drew: Actress on Grey’s Anatomy

Episode 1: March 2021

Sarah Drew talks about her career, the definition of success in Hollywood, her roles on Madmen, Everwood, and Glee, the advice Ed Harris gave to her when she was filming her first movie, what grounds her in the ups and downs of Hollywood, and more in this candid and inspiring conversation. Sarah Drew’s first job was providing the voice role of “Stacy Rowe” on the animated […]