Episode 22 – September 2023

Host and filmmaker Allen Wolf becomes the guest in this rebroadcast of Perspectives on Neurodiversity, where he talks about the journey of making his recent movie, The Sound of Violet. We dive headfirst into a discussion about the film adaptation of his novel. The road to casting Shawn, a unique character with autism, wasn’t easy, but we talk about the triumphs achieved along the way and the personal connections to the story’s theme of human trafficking. We’ll hear how the film reflects human life’s complexities and unpack essential aspects of a character’s development and relationship portrayal in films. Uncover how Allen worked to illustrate Shawn’s character and discovered his autism, integrating the concept of synesthesia into the story.

We’ll also reflect on the transformative power of film and The Sound of Violet’s impact on its audience. How did the pandemic affect the film’s release? How did the critical role of music shape the story? Discover how Allen and composer Conrad Pope worked to create an Academy Award-worthy score. Don’t miss this enlightening exploration of neurodiversity, the intricacies of independent films, and the beauty of creative storytelling.

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