Expand Your Mind

The Just Show Up Book Club gives entertainment professionals the opportunity to explore books and ideas that will enrich their lives. No preparation or advance reading is necessary, and books are provided. All you need to do is show up.

Reading books and exploring new ideas will increase your knowledge and understanding, leading to personal growth and development. It can broaden your horizons and expand your empathy towards others. Those who read regularly also have improved cognitive function and memory. Exploring new ideas and concepts can challenge your beliefs and preconceptions, leading to more critical thinking and open-mindedness that can benefit you in all areas of your life. The Just Show Up Book Club can help you become a more healthy and well-rounded individual. Are you ready to show up?


  • You finish books by just showing up
  • No (or optional) homework!
  • Learn from the author & participants
  • Community building
  • Reading together increases private reading
  • Reading & listening simultaneously help focus on the content
  • Enhances understanding

Current Book

Join other entertainment professionals for a bi-weekly Zoom discussion where we’ll talk about New York Times best selling author Tim Keller’s book, Making Sense of God. No need to read anything in advance – just show up on Zoom. We listen to the book for 30-40 minutes and then discuss it.

In our modern age of skepticism, many question the role faith can play in our lives. In his insightful and uplifting new book, New York Times bestselling author Tim Keller argues that faith is more relevant and necessary than ever before.

As human beings, we all have fundamental needs – for meaning, satisfaction, freedom, identity, justice, and hope. Drawing on the rich resources of theology and spirituality, Keller provides deep insights and guidance for meeting these core human needs. Making Sense of God illuminates the profound value and importance of faith in our complex and ever-changing world.

We will send you a complimentary book, or you can order one on your own. During each session, we’ll listen to the book for 30-40 minutes and then discuss it for 20-30 minutes. We’ll meet every other Monday. Feel free to join anytime. Email us for the link to join.