Episode 14 – April 2022

Lead cast members Cason Thomas, Cora Cleary, Jan D’Arcy, and Michael E. Bell from The Sound of Violet join the movie’s writer, director, and producer Allen Wolf, to talk about the challenges of making the movie, building the characters, and how the story inspired them. The Sound of Violet is a romantic comedy about a man who thinks he found his soulmate but his autism keeps him from realizing she’s a prostitute looking for a ticket out of her trapped life. The Sound of Violet opens April 29, only in theaters. Get tickets and exclusive content at TheSoundofViolet.com.

During this compelling discussion, Cason talks about his experience having a mom who was a victim of trafficking, how he grew up in the foster system of Houston, Texas, and how that informed his view of the story. Cora shares about how she went undercover to research her character while Jan and Michael talk about how they connected with their roles.


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