Episode 2 – March 2021

Dan and Deb talk about his writing career and the joys and challenges of being married in Hollywood. They first met at a rooftop restaurant in Santa Monica on a cool fall evening in 2010. She was a lawyer and he was an ER doctor. After getting married in 2013, Deb switched her career to corporate healthcare and made a job of telling doctors what to do-both at work and at home! Dan eventually made a switch too, from practicing medicine to TV writing. He now spends most of his days being a storyteller and writes for Station 19 on ABC, a spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy.

When Dan decided to pursue a career in writing, his wife didn’t run away. He says, “I commend her for believing in me and for not running away and saying, I married you as this one person with a certain promise of stability and security and now you want to go do the most unstable job. We’re in the most unstable industry ever.”


Station 19

• Navigating Hollywood’s Marriage Course, Pre-Marriage Course, Alpha Course

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